Kane Engelbert Photography Blog: Creativity In Nature & Landscape Photography As Wall Art Decor

When you're looking for inspiration with your interior design efforts, fine art photography prints offer a plethora of options that you should know about. From panoramic images, abstract photography, grand mountain photography, springtime and flowers, waterfalls, vertical prints, black and white photography, to aerial photographs and the American southwest and national parks. Kane Engelbert's full online collection provides many options and we'll discuss how to use them creatively to bring the outside into your home to enjoy every day.

Consider Your Wall Space: Panoramic Image, Vertical Art, or Standard?

'Spring Aspen Grove' | Kebler Pass, Colorado | Sunlight comes in and sets this beautiful aspen grove aglow with green in the springtime. Photo © copyright by Kane Engelbert.

The space you are trying to fill will be the primary determination of the shape, or aspect ratio, of the image you choose. For example, above a sofa or bed, a panoramic image typically works best. Panoramic images are wider than they are tall and are a great way to fill a long, narrow space. For example, this image of Colorado Aspen trees in the Springtime is a panoramic image that works great in a dining area.

'Pink Sapphires' | Redwood State Parks, California | Sometimes, as a photographer, the magic just finds you. This foggy morning in the redwoods couldn't have been more perfect. Photo © copyright by Kane Engelbert.

While panoramic images typically look great above a bed or sofa, don't dismiss using standard image ratios in these spaces! For example, this 40" x 60" which is considered a standard print ratio of 2:3.

Riding White Sands | White Sands, New Mexico

Even above a sofa, a standard print ratio can work beautifully. Check out this incredible print of 'Riding White Sands' above a sofa.

Matching Current Décor With Your Fine Art Photography Prints

Another consideration to be given is matching your color scheme. As you'll note in each of the above images, the print in the room was chosen based not only on color but on style and theme of the current decor. With the wide variety of prints in Kane Engelbert's online collection, you're sure to find a print with the color and style to match your decor.

Sometimes it's not only the color, like the splash of green in the pillows that sit below 'Pink Sapphires' in the above image, it can be the style of the room that matches. In the example below, the rustic feel of the image matches the rustic feel of the loft while bringing in the bright, vibrant color that is accentuated by the natural light.

'The Big One' | San Juan Mountains, Colorado | This massive aspen tree in peak fall color practically jumped out at me in the middle of this grove in the San Juan Mountains. Photo © copyright by Kane Engelbert.

Create a Relaxing Space with Your Fine Art Prints

Scientific studies have shown that being around and in nature reduces stress. Now consider bringing that to the bathtub where you go for a nice long soak to melt away the stress away from the day. Here's an example of a sweet abstract print of fall color leaves on water adding some color and relaxing imagery to a bathroom space. This is a space many tend to ignore or forget about despite the amount of time we all spend getting for and rushing to or trying to unwind from our days!

'Together Forever' | Gore Mountains, Colorado | While these leaves seemingly refuse to part, they also stay close to the trees they grew up on...don't miss the reflection on the water. Photo © copyright by Kane Engelbert.

Kane Engelbert has a full collection of aspen tree images or pictures of redwood trees to help you relax with a cup of coffee at the start of your day unwind with at the end of your day.

What Print Medium Should I Choose? Acrylic, Float Plaq, or Paper?

By far, the artist and art connoisseur would choose a TruLife® Acrylic print. The durability, the clarity, depth and vibrancy would win hands down. However, Kane recognizes that options and price point are factors in selecting art and offers both paper prints, which require a mat and frame and glass, as well as Float Plaqs and TruLife® Acrylic prints that arrive ready to hang. Regardless of print medium, Kane uses labs in the United States that print on the most advanced museum quality, archival grade materials so you can be sure you're receiving a quality fine art print. Kane provides a full review of the different print mediums available and can be contacted directly with any questions you may have.

What If I Need Help Selecting a Print for my Space?

If you'd like help selecting a print for your space, don't hesitate to reach out to Kane directly for assistance. Kane's years of experience and knowledge of prints available both on and off his website will provide the answers you need to feel confident in your purchase of a fine art print.

Creative Fine Art Nature and Landscape Prints for Wall Art Decor

Welcome to Kane Engelbert's online collection of landscape and nature fine art photography. Kane is a world-class photographer known for his high-quality images from Colorado, Arizona, Grand Canyon, Death Valley, Utah's National Parks of Canyonlands, Bryce Canyon, Zion National Park, Arches National Park, and even Redwood trees from the Pacific Northwest. These fine art images are sought by collectors, art curators, and interior designers given their unique compositions and exclusive locations.

Special care is taken to ensure each hand-crafted photography print for sale is carefully created and printed using the best standards and finest materials available. Allow these images to bring you spectacular views that can be printed on archival quality, museum-grade materials and savored in your home or business. Enjoy your time browsing these gallery photos and please reach out to speak to Kane directly at any time.