Kane Engelbert Photography Blog: What Is Fine Art Photography?

Welcome to the blog of Kane Engelbert, fine art photographer. In this post, we'll discuss what fine art is and what make fine art photography. You can see Kane's work throughout his full online collection of galleries. All of Kane's work is available in large format art prints that make stunning wall decor that do classify as, you guess it, fine art photography. If you have questions about print mediums or sizes on any prints in Kane's art gallery, please contact Kane directly.

Abstract art example of fine art photography shown below is a single fallen leaf gives little context as to what is around it, yet the colors, raindrops and background it sits on create a stage that you can't seem to take your eyes off of. Check out Kane Engelbert's entire abstract photography gallery!

The definition of fine art is "a visual art considered to have been created primarily for aesthetic purposes and judged for its beauty and meaningfulness, specifically, painting, sculpture, drawing, watercolor, graphics, and architecture." However, professor and photographer Ariel Wilson provides this definition for fine art photography, “Fine art photography is the intentional use of photography as your artistic medium of choice, used to further your conceptual idea.”

This definition separates fine art photography from those that casually take photos using a camera. Fine art photography is intentional composition that relays a message and creates meaning and emotion through an image.

Take this reflection photography image of aspen trees in Colorado as another example. The meaning of reflection, the idea it portrays for mental reflection and the meaning that can carry. Paired with the visually appealing lines and symmetry, this is a beautiful nature photography image for sale that classifies as fine art.

White aspen tree trunks loaded with yellow, orange and a few green leaves on top are perfectly reflected on the still-as-glass water.
With water as smooth as glass, this perfect reflection of fall color aspen trees in the San Juan Mountains seems almost surreal.

The creation of fine art photography starts with the composition that uses color, light, foreground, leading lines, and animate or inanimate objects as the subject. The process continues as the image comes to life through editing and can be complemented with framing and placing the image in a space to transform the look and feel.

Finding the perfect image for your space creates a look and feel that is inviting and plays with the emotion and mood desired in the space. Contact Kane directly for help in finding the perfect image for your space!

Below are many other examples of fine art from Kane Engelbert's full online collection of images from across the southwest, national parks, Colorado mountains, aspen trees, redwood trees, waterfalls and panoramic images! Bring home a stunning piece of landscape and nature photography from Kane Engelbert's online collection and have a luxury piece of fine art sought after by art collectors and interior designers in your own space!

Supreme Canyonlands | Desert Landscape Photos for Sale
Supreme Canyonlands | Desert Landscape Photos for Sale

Photo © copyright by Kane Engelbert.

A wide waterfall plunges over the cliffside and framed by the branches of the old growth trees draped in moss.
Lovely Chaos

Fast-moving waterfalls naturally creates a feeling of speed and chaos but the water knows the way and creates a lovely threaded look at Silver Falls. Photo © copyright by Kane Engelbert.

Photo © copyright by Kane Engelbert.

Moenave Geology at its best.
Hopi Clown

Moenave Geology at its best. Photo © copyright by Kane Engelbert.

A set of five white and black aspen tree trunks is pictured very close up with dramatic light on the scene.
Snuggle | Aspen Tree Photo Gallery

Getting all close and snuggly with this set of aspen trees creates a dramatic abstract image. Photo © copyright by Kane Engelbert.

Purple and yellow wildflowers are seen up close in a spring meadow.
Alpine Paintbrush II

Lovely bouquet of wildflowers in the alpine meadow a short distance from Telluride, Colorado. Photo © copyright by Kane Engelbert.

A very light dusting of snow covers the ground and the spruce trees while aspen trees of yellow and green are spread across the hillside scene.
Autumn Transitions | Fall Colors | Aspen Tree Images

Green starts to transition to yellow as fall begins to settle in across the Maroon Bells-Snowmass Wilderness. It won't be long before the snow takes over and the leaves go from green to the ground as another season comes and goes. Photo © copyright by Kane Engelbert.

Photo © copyright by Kane Engelbert.

A yellowish orange and red aspen leaves sit on top of a crackly ice surface with frost around their edges and seemingly creeping in.
Iced Aspen | Aspen Tree Leaves Photos for Sale

Two lone aspen leaves must have been late to the fall and sat on top of the ice as the frost creeps in around them. Photo © copyright by Kane Engelbert.

An aspen grove is seen with bright green grass on the forest floor and white aspen tree trunks throughout the scene.
Spring Aspen Grove | Aspen Tree Images

Sunlight comes in and sets this beautiful aspen grove aglow with green in the springtime. Photo © copyright by Kane Engelbert.

Photo © copyright by Kane Engelbert.

The top of Crestone Peak is seen slightly shrouded in clouds with pink skies at sunrise. Snow on the mountains glows with the sun.
King Crestone | Colorado Mountain Images

Colorado's 5th highest Mountain, Crestone Peak, lies in the Sangre De Cristo Mountains which is one of the longest mountain chains on earth with ten peaks over 14,000 ft high and two dozen over 13,000 ft. Crestone Peak is certainly one of the most majestic. Photo © copyright by Kane Engelbert.

Photo © copyright by Kane Engelbert.

Sunset light gently hits large, well-worn white aspen tree trunks surrounded by ferns  and wildflowers.
Time-Tested Trunks | Aspen Tree Photography Gallery

The evenings last light caresses the time tested trunks of these fine aspen trees. Photo © copyright by Kane Engelbert.

Photo © copyright by Kane Engelbert.

Green grass and winding, still water lead into the scene with the pine trees, wispy white clouds are reflected on the water; a red mountain in the background.
Emerald Passage | Mountain Photography by Kane Engelbert

Nestled in the Gore Range is this beautiful spot to sit and watch the still, winding water reflect the wispy clouds as the sun just barely kisses the mountains. Photo © copyright by Kane Engelbert.

Dramatic clouds hide rocks that look like castle spires in the background with snow covered mountain peaks and yellow aspens in front.
Dark Castle

Dark clouds shroud The Castles near Ohio Pass, Colorado creating a dramatic, moody image. Photo © copyright by Kane Engelbert.

Techtonic Burst
Techtonic Burst

Photo © copyright by Kane Engelbert.