About the Photographer

And God said, Let there be light: and there was light. Genesis 1:3


Uniting two passions, mountaineering and landscape photography was the inevitable progression that just had to happen. It was a seamless transition that began 18 years ago and gradually evolved into the dedicated family man and photographer I am today. I climbed mountains for over a decade, visiting over 300 Colorado summits. I mastered map reading and GPS skills to enhance my confidences to travel swiftly and accurately during the day and mostly at night. Today, those skills have translated well, allowing me to visit virtually everything I want to see and convey to my audience. Beautiful locations are many, but being there at the right time of year, day, hour, and minute isn't always easy.

Everything I know about photography has been self taught. Yes, I have been inspired by many and continue to be inspired today, however my style is all my own. I am proud of that. My final image is a result of painstakingly peeling away the successes and failures, wins and losses over the years. I have been told by others my photography and post processing styles are often unique and uncommon, but none the less, effective and innovative.

My relentless pursuit of the perfect image will be an ongoing adventure that will never end. Landscape is what I do, and I owe myself, my family and my fans beautiful scenes to take them away from the daily grind. If my image connects for just 30 seconds, then job accomplished. I'm asking you to join me on this adventure, I'll do all the dirty work, your job is to just sit back, watch and reflect.

Current Camera gear:

Canon 5DsR (50mp)

Canon 80D
Tamron 15-30 2.8
Sigma 35mm Art F1.4
Tamron 45mm F1.8
Canon 70-300 L IS USM

Sigma 150-600 Sport

DJI Phantom 4 Pro Drone