Prints Pricing & Plaqs

Purchasing top quality prints from my website is easy. Simply click on the purchase option below the image and select the size and type of paper you prefer. All of my images can be modified in size to accommodate your preferred hanging space. I routinely re-size my images for my customers. Please take advantage of this service by measuring the space you intend to hang the image and send me the dimensions.

When you purchase a Kane Engelbert print you can expect first class level of sharpness, color accuracy and lastly, a stunning Wow factor that you will be proud to hang on your wall. All of my prints appear as vivid as you view them on my website. I guarantee all of my work.

Pricing: Huge savings the larger the Print!

I have structured my pricing grid to provide better value the larger the image. I'm convinced a large image provides a Wow factor smaller images just cannot match. I process all of my images to be potentially printed huge, showing incredible detail that aims to please even the most critical eye. Any image over 900 sq inches already has a built in reduction of 5% per sq inch. For example, a 32x40 goes from $448.00 to $384.00. Lastly, because I provide a huge discount with larger images, I do have to charge shipping fees for images over 1200 sq inches. However, I will waive that fee if I can personally deliver the image within a reasonable driving distance within the Denver market.

High Tech Printing & Float Plaqs:

Printing a beautiful color image is about paying attention to the subtle nuances of each scene, and making sure those qualities are ensured in the final print. I have selected Ink Jet Printing to convey my bold, beautifully, rich color. I currently offer two selections of paper, Luster and Metallic; you can read further about these papers below. Both papers maintain the 115 year Wilhelm Institute archival rating.

Prints are produced using state of the art twelve ink high sustainability Canon Lucia EX pigment inkjet printer; these pigment inks combine the glossiness of dye ink with the vivid colors and weather resistance of pigment ink.

"Float Plaqs" give my art dimension, appearing as the image is floating on the wall, ensuring a sleek contemporary look that accentuates only the image itself rather than more expensive matting or framing. Made from Duraplaqs premium eco-friendly wood, Floatplaqs create a durable yet creative way to preserve and present my art. My artwork is mounted on an acid-free 3/8" thick surface, finished with a black beveled edge, and given a 3/4" deep backing to create the float effect. The backing is recessed from the edge such that it is not easily seen. A simple, and durable French cleat system is provided to securely mount the image.

Luster (Satin) Paper:

This archival premium quality photo paper is slightly textured and maintains a satin (or luster) surface. It is similar to E surface papers utilized in darkroom printing; however the print surface doesn�t show fingerprints, or reflect glare like glossy papers, and provides greater color accuracy.

It has excellent ink retention properties yielding an exceptionally large color gamut for bright, realistically saturated colors and accurate skin tones.  I prefer Luster paper to properly convey large scenes, or what we photographers refer to as a "Grand Scenic."

Metallic Paper:

Meeting more fine art demands, and my personal favorite, metallic prints are sure to please anyone seeking a paper with a slightly metallic surface and higher gloss than the regular paper. These prints yield a pearlescent metallic sheen that gives prints a sharp, vibrant, and exceptionally rich looking appearance. This paper looks much like traditional 'wet' photo paper with the control of an inkjet printer. Overall, Metallic Paper works well with all scenes, but it's the intimate forest and stream scenes that are vibrantly enhanced with Metallic.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

I personally guarentee my art and will refund (not including postage) in full if returned within one week of reciept. If returned, all original packaging must be used to ensure safe transit. I will not accept shipped products that have been damaged while in transit. I will also replace at no charge any image that is damaged while in transit, although that is highly unlikely.

Packing and Shipping is now free for any product less than 1200 sq inches in the lower 48. Contact me for shipping prices for pieces over 1200.