One on One Photoshop Coaching!

Starting March of 2020 I will be offering post processing online Skype sessions working in Photoshop for landscape photography based on my time tested Workflow. The best way to learn PS is by watching it happen on screen, with a skilled coach through Skype, then referring back to the teachings as needed.  Reach me through my Contact to schedule a convenient time to discuss and set up a plan that meets your needs. Cost is by hour. Non time consuming teachings will cost less per hour, and technical, more time consuming workflows can cost a bit more. We will agree to the hourly cost before the sessions and the rate will never change throughout the sessions.

When you Skype session with me, not only will you learn my processing workflow, you will learn key "In the Field" techniques and camera settings that will harmonize with your new workflow. 

Offerings are limited to my own personal image processing workflow thats become incredibly efficient over the years. Im proud of my own workflow, it is fast, efficient and very intuitive, making it easy to replicate from image to image.    


  • Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) workflow; become an expert in Raw image processing, the single most important jumping off point in image processing. Master Histogram exposures, Shadows and Highlights, White Balance, Curves, Working color through HSL and Color Calibration sliders. Master the Adjustment & Target Brush, learn exposure and White Balance painting. Setting your Raw image output up for Curves, Levels and Luminosity Mask adjustments.
  • Master Curves & Levels. When to use Curves vs when to use Levels.
  • Understanding Photoshops Tools that I frequent.
  • Using Tony K's Luminosity Masks with Photoshop. Learn how I use Luminosity Masks within my workflow.
  • Hand Blending exposure, and colors. When to blend layers, when not to blend. Different alternatives to blending.
  • Color Channel work. Understanding Color stories, attaining a look through Hues, Saturation, and Luminance. Eliminating unpleasant Color Casts.
  • Dodge & Burn with Blend Modes
  • Web Sharpening workflow
  • Panoramic Image workflow
  • Focus Stacking workflow
  • Warping techniques
  • Gaussian Blur techniques

Currently I do not offer instructional workflows for Lightroom.