Pierre Lakes area,Maroon Bells & Pyramid Peak , photo

Maroon Bells & Pyramid Peak

Pierre Lakes area

This image was shot from the summit of UN12,902, a rarely climbed twelver that resides on the great rock rim of Pierre Lakes Basin.  Climbing this neat little summit requires a 19 miles hike with about 4,700-ft of vertical gain.  My objective wasn't a shot of the great Maroon Bells; I climbed this peak because I wanted a shot of the Pierre Lakes Basin with Capitol Peak however the setting sun was too intense for my camera.  I new going up I would face the ahrsh dynamic conditions but i thought i could control it later in post processing.  No way!  Just too much light beaming into the lens.

Later after the sun finally started to dip below the horizon I realized my best opportunity was a big panoramic shot of the less viewed west side of the Maroon Bells massif.  Considering I had zero clouds for this shot the earths shadow provided the final touch to a great view of a great mountain. Photo © copyright by Kane Engelbert.